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Sumptuously soothing: bathtubs from burgbad

Slip into the water. Switch off. Feel the warmth. Is there anything nicer than escaping everyday life with a lovely relaxing bath ritual?
The elegantly shaped bathtubs from burgbad are made to be seen, felt and used. Made of mineral cast – a material with an irresistibly sumptuous feel – they’re guaranteed to turn taking a bath into a special experience.

burgbad Badu badewanne ergonomisch

Badu This tub is specially designed for leaning back in comfort

burgbad wannen crono

Crono Tailor-made for serenity and clarity – in the bath, for the bathroom

burgbad crono wannen teaser

Crono - custom-sized elegance for a perfect fit – from L (1900mm) to XXL (3000mm)

burgbad wannen senza rc40

Senza The perfect atmosphere for a wonderfully relaxing bath