For our furniture products, we only use wood which has earned the highest level of prestige. It achieves this through top workmanship that can be both seen and felt. 

For example, for our lacquered surfaces: The premium, quality lacquer with a good flow is thinly applied in 7 stages and results in a perfect, rich surface. The result is a non-porous uniformity that you would like to feel with your fingertips everyday anew. Rounded off by a matt, perfect reflection of light that can only be guaranteed by such a labour-intensive procedure.

Wood finishes
Wood finishes are produced with veneers made from grown wood. A complex process is used to adhere the veneer to the substrate material under high pressure, before it is ground and varnished with multiple layers. This gives the finish its natural character.

Varnished finishes
Varnished finishes are among the highest-quality furniture surfaces. In complex production steps, MDF substrate boards are primed, varnished multiple times and polished to achieve a high sheen.

Melamine finishes
Melamine finishes are boards that are coated across their entire area and finished with a thick edge all the way around.

Thermoform finishes
Thermoform finishes are manufactured using a thermoforming process. This process has the advantage of allowing the outer side and the side edges to be coated simultaneously, with no join.

Acrylic finishes
Acrylic finishes are high-gloss and create an excellent sense of depth. The fully-coated board and the edge are welded together to form a jointless unit using innovative laser technology.